Polished Horn Cup

Polished Horn Cup

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Carefully hand-made cup from a single piece of horn with an added wooden base for extra sturdiness. The cup is carefully polished, cleaned and comes with a sealed inside that is safe to drink from. The shape and colour of each mug is unique and may differ from that in the picture.

  • Holds approx. 2,5-3 dl (0,5-0,6 pints)
  • Made from a single piece of cattle horn
  • Wooden base
  • Cleaned and sealed for safe usage 

Care instructions:

  • Heat can reshape the horn cup
  • Do not fill it with hot beverage, or place it in a hot environment
  • To clean the horn cup, use a bottlebrush and dish soap
  • Do not clean the horn cup in a dishwasher
  • Not suitable for strong liquors or soda.
  • Wine, mead and beer works fine.