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Allfather 750ml

Allfather 750ml

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The Ultimate Pack!!
Popular deal: get one bottle of the Fate of the Gods traditional mead, two bottles of the Allfather fig mead and a Drinking horn mug for $99.99!



This small batch dry mead is crafted from two of the world’s oldest ingredients, honey and figs. Rich in flavor yet incredibly smooth this mead imparts hints of melon and berries which blend beautifully with the floral aromas of Texas wildflower honey. Named to honor the Allfather himself, this is a mead you will surely find at Odin’s table.


Pairs well with red meats, pasta, or dark chocolate desserts

Service 55-70 F

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Here are some of the F.A.Q.

What is Mead?

Mead is made by fermenting honey just as wine is made by fermenting grapes. Often referred to as honey wine It's considered the drink of royalty and was drank at times of celebrations in the Viking culture.

What's the ABV on your meads?

Fate of The Gods is 13.9% abv.

Are your meads gluten free?

Yes they are!