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Lothbrok 750ml

Lothbrok 750ml

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 **400 bottles Available Now, Next Production November 2023**

 Aged 13 months in freshly emptied bourbon barrels sourced from Fort Worth's own Blackland Distillery, this small batch mead is among our finest products. The smooth rich flavors of oak and bourbon blended with the aromas of Texas wildflower honey give rise to mead unique to the heart of Texas. 

★ Produced from Texas Honey 
★ Fermented in small batches
★ Bottled, sealed and packed by hand
★ Aged in bourbon barrels


Back of the bottle:

Named after the Viking king Ragnar Lothbrok, this mead is our finest special cask production. We start with locally sourced raw honey, ferment it down to a semi-dry mead, then lay it to rest in freshly emptied bourbon barrels

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Here are some of the F.A.Q.

What is Mead?

Mead is made by fermenting honey just as wine is made by fermenting grapes. Often referred to as honey wine It's considered the drink of royalty and was drank at times of celebrations in the Viking culture.

What's the ABV on your meads?

Fate of The Gods is 12.5% abv.

Are your meads gluten free?

Yes they are!